Carington Training kit - tennis

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Ref.AD-502This CARRINGTON® Tennis Training Kit has everything you need to be the next Andy Murray!Work your muscles, improve you technique, increase your stamina, work on your cardio, speed up your reaction times!This kit has all you could ever need to become a tennis pro. Kit includes:1 Balance board1 Reaction ball1 Medicine ball (1kg)Marking strips (4 corners,10 strips)1 Tennis training ball1 Skipping rope1 Fitness tube

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Consegna entro 4 giorni lavorativi
EAN 4260382037421
Brand Carrington

Tennis training kit including:
1 Balance board
1 Reaction ball
1 Medecine ball 1kg,
Marking strips (4 corners, 10 strips)
1 Tennis training ball
1 rope
1 Fitness tube
All these training accessories can be useful during your tennis training sessions.

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